Bade Roofing - 700 Market Street Case Studies

New Chapter for Historic General American Building and

Downtown St. Louis.

Employees with The Laclede Group have a new place to call home in the recently redeveloped General American Building at 700 Market Street, now known as 700 Market.

Originally opened in 1979, this six-story structure is the only

St. Louis building designed by Philip Johnson, one of the most acclaimed 20th-century American architects.

Bade Roofing was proud to be a part of this project, working with Tarlton Corporation and The Koman Group.

700 Market

700 Market St., Downtown St. Louis



• Green Roof Level 3.7 (17,800 square feet)

• 6th Floor Roof (17,800 square feet))



New Green Roof

Re-Roof 6th Floor



Firestone 115-mil fleece back TPO with landscape overburden

60-mil ballasted EPDM roof system

The roof system was awarded a twenty-year manufacturer’s warranty with an overburden removal rider by Firestone Building Products.

The Challenge


Create a green roof top garden courtyard as well as a new 6th floor roof to meet lead specifications while coordinating with other trades and construction schedules.

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Green Garden Courtyard - 5th Floor


Stacked three layers of loose-laid EPS insulation and a protection mat over the new TPO roof system, in preparation of patterned three color concrete paver system, wood paver, and pre-planted “Green Bloc” vegetation trays that were installed on a leveling pedestal system, including trees in planter boxes and raised areas filled with growth medium, planted with various shrubs, plants, and a fescue lawn area.


Installed a two-foot wide buffer of landscape gravel at the perimeter between the pavers and the parapet wall to aid in draining of the system



6th Floor Roof


Removed the existing gravel ballast and protection mats and hauled away.


Removed the existing two-inch EPS insulation and set aside for reuse.


Installed a 60-mil ballasted EPDM roof system using the saved two-inch EPS insulation, and installed protection mats with new gravel ballast.



The         ade Solution:


Through coordination with Tarlton Corporation, Bade Roofing removed the existing paver ballast, 2” of EPS insulation, and 2-ply SBS modified roof system down to the structural concrete deck; then installed a new 115-mil Fleeceback loose-laid TPO roof system, including flashing of green roof penetrations; while keeping within the construction schedule.






Having a green roof provides insulation, lowers the need for heating and cooling, and can help manage storm water, but even more exciting is being able to enjoy a rooftop open space with views of the ballpark and the Old Courthouse.


Project gallery

1. Growth Media

2. Filter Fabric

3. Drainage Media/Gravel

4. Protection Fabric

5. Root Barrier

6. Insulation with Drainage

7. TPO

8. 1/2" DensDeck Prime

9. Approved Insulation

10. Substrate




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