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February 1, 2021

Your Top 3 Reroofing Considerations

Bade Roofing can install a specific reroofing systems to address all of your concerns. You can learn about the ideal reroofing products and systems by contacting us for answers to any questions you may have.

The following are Versico’s solutions to a few of the most important considerations when making reroofing decisions.


When conducting a reroofing project on an occupied building, there are many considerations to ensure minimal disruption and maximum convenience. Fumes and odors, noise level, project timeline, aesthetics and the ability to maintain normal operations, to name a few. Versico offers a wide range of products and systems designed with these considerations in mind.


From installed cost to energy efficiency, maintenance cost and overall environmental impact, the value of a new roofing system from Versico takes many factors into consideration. As the leading manufacturer of low-slope roofing products and with more system options than any competitor, Versico can outline how different solutions provide the value that is most important to any customer.


With warranty options from 10-30 years, 55 to 120 mph, and options to include hail and accidental puncture coverage, Versico can design a reroofing system that provides the resistance to the elements required to keep your roofing system performing for decades. A building’s roofing system plays a major role in the energy efficiency and resiliency of that building. Versico has designed numerous reroofing solutions to maximize performance in any environmental condition.

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