Warranty Tip for Commercial Roofs

Warranty Tip 1:

There are many factors to consider when you're looking at a warranty. Asking the following questions can help with your decision-making process!

If our roof leaks, would we use the warranty or file an insurance claim?

While a manufacturer’s warranty covers leak repairs, it won’t cover consequential damages. If your roof leaks and damages property interiors, your facility manager might need to file an insurance claim to cover these items. Roofing warranties have other exclusions; in general, they are limited to leaks caused by storms within certain wind speeds. Damages incurred during a Category 5 hurricane, for example, are not going to be covered by your warranty. While your coverage might include damages caused by 55 mph winds, roofing manufacturers aren’t obligated to fix a leak resulting from a Category 1 hurricane with 74 to 95 mph winds. In the event of a hurricane, or other warranty exclusions, it may be time to file an insurance claim.

Who backs the warranty, the manufacturer or the contractor?

Facility professionals will want a manufacturer’s warranty. Proper installation is critical, with the best warranties awarded for the best workmanship. So how do you ensure your roof is installed by a contractor who will qualify you for the highest warranty coverage? Manufacturers recognize contractors who consistently install their products with the utmost quality. Look for Versico’s Gold Medal Award (for providing high-quality installations on a consistent basis), Firestone’s Inner Circle of Quality Award (one of the most prestigious honors in the commercial roofing industry), and Carlisle’s Hall of Fame (for completing at least 250 "Perfect 10" roofing installations, recognizing superior workmanship, consistency and continued dedication to perfection). Manufacturers back the companies that merit such honors, and Bade Roofing has earned these awards year after year.

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