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February 1, 2021

Create Roofing Inspection Auto Reminders

Add these key maintenance reminders to your calendar:


Keep the drain areas of the roof surface clean to avoid clogging. Make sure that ponding water is drained from the roof within 48 hours following rain.

Petroleum Products

Keep all petroleum products (solvents, greases, oils) and any liquids containing petroleum products off of the membrane to avoid degradation.

Animal Fats–EPDM Membranes

Kitchen wastes such as vegetable oils and animal fats should never be exhausted directly onto the surface of your roof. If incidental contact is likely, Versico can help with recommendations on membrane type and usage.  


Any time chemicals contact your roofing membrane, you'll want to call a professional. Some chemicals can cause degradation or swelling that must be immediately addressed.  

Foot Traffic

Your roof will need designated walkways to accommodate regular foot traffic or maintenance occurring at intervals of thirty days or less.

Temporary Repairs

You can use sealant or a good-grade rubber caulk to make temporary repairs or call a pro to take care of the problem.  


Locate the leak and determine if it originates with the roof membrane or if it's a wall, curb, skylight, metal ductwork or plumbing leak. Leaks caused by deterioration or failure of building components are not covered by the warranty. Soft or warped insulation may be a sign of a water leak.

Rooftop Maintenance

When it’s necessary for workers to service rooftop equipment (e.g., HVAC units, antennas, etc.), they should be instructed to use walkways and exercise care with their tools and equipment to avoid puncturing the roofing membrane. It's also a good idea to make them aware of the dangers that chemicals and solvents pose to the roof surface.  

You can find more useful ideas and tools for keeping your roof in tip-top shape by visiting the Versico website.

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