How to choose a Commercial Roofing Company you can trust.

When you need to find a commercial roofing contractor, it’s not just about evaluating the proposals from each company. There is more involved in making this decision and following these steps can help with your search for success!


Location – Find a local roofing company with a good reputation and local references. Local roofers will be more concerned about maintaining a good reputation in your area. Look for a long, well-established history of business.


Weather Experts – Look for roofers who truly understand your climate and building needs. Commercial roofers with proven on-time weather response experts are ideal, especially when your area experiences unpredictable and often extreme weather patterns like the ones here in St. Louis.


Responsive – Search for a company that has a great reputation for response and proactive support for your needs. A good commercial roofer works with the latest technology, bringing a fully integrated response team ready to protect their customers' buildings.


Certified – To find a local roofing company that is certified and respected in the area they service, turn to roofing system manufacturers and the certifications and awards they give to recognize superior workmanship, consistency and continued dedication to perfection.


Union – It is important that your roofing company has a good reputation with your local craftsmen. When there is mutual respect, the craftsmen perform the highest work quality and quantity, maximize their skills and abilities, exercise safe and productive work practices, and treat their signatory contractors as their partners in business.


Local Economy – Consider that local roofing companies employ the residents of your community. You want a commercial roofer that not only knows your needs, but also knows your neighborhood; one who doesn’t need to Google your business address to know who and where you are.


Professional – Find a responsive roofer with knowledge and expert advice you can count on. Roof management is a complex and time-consuming challenge; finding a dedicated team ready with expert solutions and quality craftsmanship is essential.


Quality – Look for the company with the best range of roofing expertise. Proper installation is critical with the best roofing warranties awarded for the best workmanship. To ensure your roof is installed properly and for the best coverage, you’ll want to select a manufacturer-recognized roofer who consistently installs their products with the utmost quality.

When you’ve followed these eight steps, you’re more likely to partner with the commercial roofer that’s right for you.

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