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Essential Roofing Maintenance Reminders for Facility Managers

For facility managers and commercial building owners, the roof is a critical investment in their property, protecting it from the elements and ensuring the safety and comfort of building occupants. But even the most durable of roofs require regular maintenance to extend their lifespan and maintain their integrity. With complex systems and various factors to consider, creating a thorough maintenance schedule is key to avoiding costly repairs down the line.

Whether it's a TPO or EPDM membrane, a green roof, or a traditional asphalt shingle, each type of roofing system has unique characteristics and demands. As you embolden your roof's defense against the elements, these vital reminders should be etched into your maintenance calendar.

Maintain Drainage Systems

Roof drainage systems, including gutters and downspouts, are crucial for directing water away from the building. Clogs can lead to water accumulation and even structural damage. It's imperative to keep the drainage areas clear of debris and check for any signs of ponding water, ensuring that water drains within 48 hours following a storm.

Protect Against Petroleum Products

Petroleum products, such as solvents and oils, can cause severe degradation to your roofing membrane. Allowing these substances to come into contact with the roof’s surface can lead to material breakdown and potential leaks. Implement strict protocols to prevent any petroleum-based liquids from spilling or being used on the roof.

EPDM Membrane Health

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) membranes are durable against many weather conditions but are particularly vulnerable to damage from certain oils and chemicals. Avoid exhausting kitchen wastes directly onto the roof, and consider the use of protective barriers or specialized membrane types when necessary.

Awareness of Chemicals

In the event that any chemicals do make contact with the roof, prompt professional assessment and action are critical. Some chemicals can cause immediate damage or long-term material degradation that needs immediate attention to prevent issues from escalating.

Minimize Foot Traffic

Excessive foot traffic can wear down roofing materials, especially during maintenance activities. Establish and clearly mark designated walkways to minimize direct contact with your roof, and ensure that any necessary foot traffic is well-managed.

Temporary Repairs and Leaks

In case of small leaks or damage, temporary measures like high-quality sealants can provide short-term protection. Always aim to identify the source of the leak accurately to determine whether it's a roofing issue or related to building components, which may require a different approach.

Protecting Rooftop Equipment

When servicing rooftop equipment, implement procedures for workers to use designated paths and be conscious of their tools. Metal objects or the sharp edges of tools can puncture the membrane, which may be costly to repair and compromise the waterproofing.

Regular Roof Inspections

Consistent inspections by qualified professionals are the first line of defense in identifying and addressing potential issues early. These professionals can assess the condition of the roof, document changes over time, and make recommendations for repairs or improvements.

Proactive Roof Maintenance

Instituting a proactive maintenance plan, including regular cleaning, vegetation control (for green roofs), and checking for wear and tear, is essential for keeping your roof in optimal condition. Addressing minor issues before they escalate saves you time and money in the long run.

Engage with Roofing Experts

Partnering with reputable roofing experts like Bade Roofing can provide invaluable support in managing your roofing system. They can offer advice, training, and professional services to ensure that your roof is well-maintained and complies with warranty requirements.

As the steward of your commercial building, the diligence you show in maintaining your roof echoes your commitment to long-term property management and safety. By integrating these maintenance reminders into your workflow and engaging with knowledgeable industry partners, you not only ensure the integrity of your investment but also gain peace of mind knowing that your building is prepared for any weather—come rain, shine, or hail.

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