Reroofing Tips

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February 1, 2021

When adding a new roof to an existing building, it’s important that you discuss the options with your professional advisors. You should also contact us at BadeRoofing in order for them ensure there won't be any problems arising  overload or structural alterations on either side of this project.

Other considerations include:

•      Always check local and state energy codes to determine whether it’s necessary to add insulation to a roofing system to meet minimum LTTR values.
•      Always consult local and state building code requirements to ensure the design of a new roof meets all requirements.
•      If wet or damaged insulation is present, it should always be removed and replaced during reroofing..
•      Consider using a rigid coverboard or VersiFleece membrane to prevent punctures or in hail-prone regions.
•      Design with future use in mind, including the potential installation of solar energy systems or amenity space like roof gardens and paver systems.

For more information, contact Matt Bade of Bade Roofing at 314-892-1331 or visit

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