The Surprising Benefits of High-Performance Roof Insulation

When it comes to energy efficiency, modern buildings need to be properly insulated. But what do you really know about roof insulation?

Understanding its benefits and proper maintenance is essential for any building or business owner. Let’s discuss what you might not know about roof insulation.

The Benefits of High-Performance Roof Insulation

High-performance roof insulation is a must in order to maintain energy efficiency in a  building. It provides an R-value that can be accurately measured and used by engineers to properly set the system’s heating and cooling settings. On top of that, high-performance insulation also serves as a moisture barrier, preventing water from leaking into the building’s interior. This can save you time and money in the long run as it will prevent any further damage from occurring due to water infiltration.

Potential Issues With Poorly Installed Insulation

Even if you have installed the correct R-value, your insulation could still cost you money if it is not properly installed. In the event of a leak – even a small one – if the insulation experiences extensive water damage, it will need to be replaced. And replacing high-density, high-performance insulation can sometimes be more expensive than fixing or replacing the roof membrane itself! To avoid this issue altogether, make sure your contractor knows how to correctly install your chosen insulation material in order to keep out moisture and get the most out of its R-value rating.  

High performance roofing insulation provides many benefits for building owners and business alike. Not only does it increase energy efficiency by providing an accurate R-value rating for engineers when setting up their heating and cooling systems, but it also serves as a valuable moisture barrier against potential leaks. However, poorly installed insulation can lead to costly repairs down the line; therefore, it’s important that building owners confirm their contractor has experience with installing high performance roofing materials before hiring them for any job. By understanding these key points about high performance roofing insulation, you can ensure your building remains comfortable and energy efficient year round!

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