Why Facility Managers and Building Owners Should Get AC Units Checked and Roofs Inspected During Summer Months

Summertime is a time for fun, relaxation, and enjoying the warm sunshine. While it is a great season, it can also be a challenging time for facility managers and commercial building owners. The hot weather can bring about problems, especially with the AC units and roofs. One important aspect to consider during the summer is the need for AC units to be checked, especially their condensate lines as they could clog and cause leaks that would damage the roof. Additionally, summer months are a great time to have roofs inspected as dry weather can help inspectors see small faults that could become bigger later. In this blog post, we will discuss why checking AC units and roofs is vital during summer and how facility managers and building owners can keep their properties safe and comfortable for everyone.

AC Units should be checked.

AC units are a necessity for commercial buildings during summer months. However, without the proper maintenance, they can become inefficient and cause problems. Specifically, one problem that you must prevent is clogged condensate lines. This happens when the AC unit’s drip pan or drain line becomes obstructed and causes the condensation to overflow. This water can seep into your ceiling or walls, causing extensive damage that could cost you thousands of dollars. As a facility manager or building owner, getting your AC units checked will help avoid this problem and keep your building comfortable during hot weather.

Roofs should be inspected.

Aside from AC units, roofs should be inspected during summer as well. During dry weather, roofs give a better view of possible small faults. Inspecting roofs during summer can ensure that your building is safe from any potential damage or leaks. As a facility manager or building owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that the roof is stable, free from cracks and corrosion, and does not pose any risks to occupants of the property. A thorough roof inspection can identify small problems, which can be addressed now before they become big and costlier later.

Prevention is better than cure.

Preventive maintenance is always better than reactive maintenance. Getting your AC units and roofs inspected and maintained during summer is a perfect example of preventive maintenance. It is important to note that preventive maintenance is not just important for avoiding costly maintenance or repairs but also for ensuring the safety and comfort of your building occupants. As a St. Louis facility manager or building owner, it is your responsibility to provide a safe and comfortable workplace for employees or tenants.

Work with professionals.

In order to ensure your AC units are in good condition and your roof is secure, you need to work with professional service providers. Contact Bade Roofing to inspect your AC units and roof and perform the necessary maintenance work. It’s always best to work with experienced and licensed professionals who can handle the demanding work. They can make sure that your AC units and roofs are functioning well and in compliance with all safety standards.

Summer months can bring about joy and challenges, especially for commercial building owners and facility managers. Checking your AC units and having your roof inspected during summer is vital. In this way, you can address any small issues and keep your building safe, comfortable, and damage-free. Remember that prevention is always better than cure, and it’s important to rely on a professional commercial building service provider like us. As a St. Louis facility manager or building owner, you have the responsibility to keep your building at its best. Start by scheduling your AC unit check and roof inspection today. Your building, employees, and tenants will thank you for it!

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