Maryland Heights Community Center, Largest Versico Rib Contour Project to Date in the U.S.

Drive through Maryland Heights on Highway 270, and you can’t miss the new Maryland Heights Community Center. Bade Roofing was proud to collaborate on this project with K & S Associates and Cannon Design of St. Louis. Located close to Lambert International Airport and the interstate, the new community center would be highly visible. Aesthetics were important and so was sustainability. City administrators expressed the need for a durable, cost-effective roofing system that was as eco-friendly and energy-efficient as possible and would stand up to Missouri’s harsh and unpredictable climate.

Bade Roofing analyzed the new community center’s roofing needs and recommended the Versico VersiWeld® TPO Rib Profile secured to a TPO roofing membrane to simulate a standing seam metal roofing system, making the Maryland Heights Community Center the largest Versico rib contour project to date. Bade knew from experience that  the roof's durable decking with its contour rib profile and white, standing seam metal roof-like appearance would provide the functionality and statement piece that the City of Maryland Heights was seeking.

The Challenge

The new community center’s unique roof design had 27,000 linear feet of ribs that required spacing at specific distances and running straight.

The roofing system also needed to provide weather protection and solar reflection for energy savings while obtaining the look of a standing seam metal roof with the performance of a TPO single-ply membrane and Versico Versaweld TPO rib profile by July 2016. Additionally, unpredictable St. Louis weather meant making the most of good weather days.

The Solution

Bade Roofing began work on the project in late November 2015 and despite the unpredictable St. Louis weather, was able to stay ahead of interior work. Working in collaboration with K & S Associates and Cannon Design of St. Louis, and Versico, the correct equipment and technique was achieved.

The roof installation consisted of the following: one layer of 5/8” USG Securock®; 2” ISO insulation, which was mechanically fastened, then set in low-rise Foam-fast 100 adhesive; one layer 1.5” ISO insulation; a 5/8” Securock cover board; and a 135-mil fleece-back, white TPO roof system set in low-rise foam adhesive, including all flashing per Versico’s written specifications. In the final phase of the roof installation, Bade crews installed 27,000 linear feet of ribs that were spaced two feet apart on center and ran in straight lines along the length of the roof. An important element of the roof's design, the ribs give the roof the appearance of a metal roof and also aid in channeling rainwater to the drains. Bade crews used a special piece of equipment designed by Versico to weld both sides of the ribs to the roof's surface to create the contour rib profile. This work was done within budget and on schedule, resulting in a Versico 20-year total systems warranty with a 90 mph wind warranty.

Project details


Maryland Heights Community


Mary Land Heights, MO


Versico Rib Contour


Versico Versaweld TPO


3350 Square Feet

The new facility of about 96,000 square feet will include the following amenities:

• Large gymnasium

• Large event space

• Indoor leisure pool w/lap lanes

• Expanded fitness center with additional program space

• Preschool/babysitting areas

• Senior Center

• Meeting rooms

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